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as yet unknown species of blood protozoa will doubt-
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give minute descriptions of these lesions and point out the differential
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The POMEROY is and always has been a surgical corset. It ia
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praise the opinions of the members on these issues.
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those apparatuses, etc., as they may be found in all works
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a few hours' formation. The peritonitis appeared to
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It is interesting, however, that in the only three cases in which
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A New Osieoplastic Procedure in the Treatment of Spina
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propriety of raising a testimony to the public life of
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maximum height on March 3d. when the record showed a pulse of 174
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dle-cell tissue, with but little intercellular substance. The more translucent
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of the late Dr. J. G. Wilson, who was afterwards Professor
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bacillus. The pleomorphism of the diphtheria bacillus makes this even
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oris must be joined to its fellow in order to restore
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use of heat, the local bath of dry air gives the best results,
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Likewise, acceptable to the physician at least is the assumption
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ment of grocerdom, was able to set up his own mystery,
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swallowed will penetrate the gullet and start infection in the
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earliest stage, of dilatation of interlobular capillaries.
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various chronic ailments should be set up by rotheln, as by any other dis-
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anesthesia; as you deal with malaria and diphtheria with-
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our rule for years, to use no medicine in this form, the dose of which is
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Science would think twice before accepting such a muti
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siderably, I broke his tibia, just below the knee-joint, or
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hands, and in Johnston's cases seems to have succeeded well. It should,
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through the wall, and completely spoiling the elevation of
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charge of having prescribed millions of dollars' worth of unscientific
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ces, three of which are functioning as best they can
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destroyed ? In the squeezing-out process, are these bacilli so weak-
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hours of the operation. In the first case the bowels had
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haemorrhage starts it tends to limit itself to the posterior horns at the
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upon it, but not being sufficient for any prolonged strain.
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night and day. While labouring under these symptoms, she was
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Berrthill, T. A., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from
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in this city, including two full courses of lectures
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scalp is covered with yellow scales, between which, here and there, a
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tracted ; the lung, smaller than natural, gorged with blood,
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tion for renewedly presenting them ; the reiteration of truth,
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sion preceded by venereal disease, 43 were of the trau-