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of infants under 1 year of age appears at the same time. But no
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Lancet, Lond., 1894 ii, 1157.— Cabot (A. T.) Trephin-
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lesion of the muscle provokes the leucoc5i;osis, and the leucocytes
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SMS: Hired as Secretary-General Manager at SMS on April 1, 1986
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pended from his foot. Turned on his face, the patella
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In the last few months I have employed this instrument
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cuticular. There is redness of the lids, with increased secre-
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known energy and acuteness of Americans, it is only to be expected
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W. M., aged 24, native of Germany, by occupation a clerk,
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" Our State Institutions " was admirably responded to by Dr.
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paniments of it, and by the absence of the characteristic symptoms of
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First, there are only a few species of Sarsaparilla that contain the peculiar virtues, and it
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or "acute dyspepsia" of some writers. Soon after eating there are uneasiness,
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Kidney sacculated. In lower portion an adherent calculus
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adjacent muscles become wasted and are the seat of contractures, causing flexion
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carbuncle not rare ; it attacks the whites and corpulent ones