^^ Klotz, Trans. Assoc. Amer. Physicians, Philadelphia, 1907, vol. xxii,
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peculiarities of amyloid tissue by depriving them of alkali by artificial
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increase beyond its normal value to the presence of cystin.
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No water is given by the mouth, but when alcoholic stimulants are
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and in the chronic form he insists on the value of absolute rest.
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over each ganglionic mass, those of the iateral nerves spread out in its substance and appeared
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Pract.,N.Y., 1898, xiv, 201-209. —Zhbanoflf {K. M.) Dva
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exposed, by an appeal to an authority, whose testimony cannot
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ten days after the operation was done symptoms of tetanus set in. A
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divide themselves naturally into two groups, the objective and the siih-
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that the patient had also bleeding from the gums, and that
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advocacy of the suprapubic operation as the cutting
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embolic or other, just as it succeeds ha?morrhag*e when the
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tion. He had rojioatedly soon a patient deeply cyanotie and no
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sults of this were most admirable, and Parisian apart-
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In these experiments of inoculation by infected mosquitos there
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homicide was committed, there was no imputation either against the sanity or
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angelski says he finds the following are efficacious
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meatus auditorius interims, and is distributed to all parts of the
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Definition. — It is a chronic disease, characterized by anemia, iiT^:ular
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which in the normal condition plays upon the base of the
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placed upon the radial artery discovers its extension even
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Joseph Hinson Mellichamp, at James Island, S. C, October S,
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elements of the bone-marrow at an earlier stage of development than
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branes or areas of inflammation and localized infection
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large dominating center of population, so that our interests are
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■ Delta designed modular cabinetry offers special tax advan-
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