Assistant-Physician to the Coouibe Lying-in Hospital, Dublin.
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to believe, that such disease was infectious or conta-
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was a slight crescent of atrophy round the disc, in the other there was a
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diagnosis of a disease, will be embraced under this head.
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sent ; it occurred in 7 of the 46 cases which I have analyzed.
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pain of the throat. The following symptoms ap|>eared on ex-
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times so mild throughout an epidemic or during a series of years that
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the author again saw the patient. He had not ceased bleeding for
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a gangrenous eschar, with some small carbuncle-like vesicles
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those views, it would have been manly, honoi'able, and
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fact, the amount of homogentisinic acid can be materially increased
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have the opportunity of seeing in the active form.- It
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an individual’s behavior to maintain and preserve a
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which in their course occasion an increase in the tension of the globe, and
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the symptoms of depression which are prone to arise in
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Feb. 10. She seemed somewhat relieved, and was taken before the class.
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pansive outlook. That’s the end of my report unless
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While unilateral irritative lesions may enlighten us in
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this kind, however, and more recently M. Troisier related
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when a self-retaining catheter was introduced and the patient kept in
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admirably set forth by many writers at the time of Queen Victoria's
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neal and supra-pubic methods. It has been advised, however, by those
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Ere of absence granted P. A. Surgeon Nydegger for thirty days
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in a less considerable degree, in the Ij-mphatic glands,
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primary disorder of the chylopoietic viscera, and cerebral dis-
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portant results, obtained in the domain of therapeutics by recent
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for one month extension, to take effect about September
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this country are, many of them, considerably smaller than this. As
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analogy with the action of optical sensitizers on the silver
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there was violent pain, high tension, cornea Irido-choriditis is also to be thought of in
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ERS. — The growing of crops for several years in succession is
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may have tuberculosis of the urethra and prostate for
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useful. Perhaps this cathartic is more commonly service-