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by statute to receive such cases, has had many such sent to it

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infected was obtained, and after examination of her

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Kinderliihmuug. Kliu.-therap. "Wchnschr., Wien, 1898,

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patients admitted to the puerperal septicaemia ward at the London

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Renner (1904). British Medical Journal, i. 1314 (Chailletia Toxicaria).

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The fever soon disappeared, however, and the pulse gradually returned to nor-

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THE PRACTICE OP MEDICINE. A Treatise on Special Pathology and


were broken ; and there was not a bruise on his body ; he rallied

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generally' folhjws in from a few minutes to two hours. In cases of

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In opium-poisoning the pupils are small, the respirations

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founded on observations made at the Radium Institute in Paris,

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October 16. Two days later he died without regaining conscious-

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tract ; and several cases have been recorded in which olfactory aurse, or

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Dr. Smith contends that no word ought to be made to

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topsy should be made. It seems that some three years