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resembles, to a certain extent, that of Strychnine ; but it also exerts a decided effect

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but without pulsation, copious perspiration. 1.15 a. m., easy.

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Umbilical Cord, peculiar formation of, by Dr. Mc Nabbe - 239

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rhage. On examination an ill-defined swelling was found

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as soft as fluid. The bone had been wholly absorbed except a

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right side (fig. 3). These cells show slight fatty changes, especially on

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foot, while the knee was slightly flexed and pressure made


the distribution of the vaccine to wards of the state

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drainage, was observed. It steadily healed, and now, Novem-

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yet not a piece of poisonous fungus lay in the intestines.

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jaundice, in which for a few days— never, I think, ex-

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paralysis agitans and of Basedow's disease, but without any prac-

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the intracranial portion of the first part of the fifth nerve. The fibrillary

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bilharziosis, caused by Schistosomum hcematobium. Tumours of

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