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chief features; there is the same long, cytoplasmic "tail,"

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control of the Government of the United States. All legislation of

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one-tenth consists of the papillary, or Spigelian, lobe placed below the main Hver

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irregular number of cases give some varying results in

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fever, and the absence of (events diagnostic of other fevers. The points

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The skull was not opened to examine the brain, as intended through want of lime, the

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cotton-wool to the nose, but on this occasion cocaine "was used. The

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typhoid fever has to undergo a development not only inside, but also outside

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of inquiry in regard to the proper employment of chemical

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mission be planned or contemplated, such as porches and partitions,

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— F. G. O'lCcariiey, Chilcompton. — W. B. Hera-

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scholar and physician, and has our best wishes for success in his

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haps to be found in the different degrees of education of the persons

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(e. g., signs of consolidation, emphysema, etc.). It is remarkable what

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scalp on the left side of the head, extending backwards across the

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Malignant new growths of the pleura can hardly be separated, by any

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third, and the periosteum was firmly adherent at many points. Note also the

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a case or cases of purulent conjunctivitis, purulent ophthalmia,,

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and important of these is the diomal variation, which rarely exceeds 1*5°,

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in and careful description of the culture medium. But in spite of

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of the crural type and the lesions of the paracentral lobule. When the attack

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able irritation of the bladder. Accordingly, to-day

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an intoxication resulting from the ingestion of decomposed thyroid

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I think in many cases the combined use of x-rays and radium

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Sig. One teaspoonful in water every morning before breakfast.

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discharge recur it is well to omit its use, but this is dcrigueur if pain or

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turned on April 29th and wished to be operated upon.

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but suffice it to say each and every one brings very

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and they are amorphous urates or phosphates, it carries them as sedi-

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potassium, the vesicles occur in hundreds on the forearms, hands, face,

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We have already glanced at the influence exercised by the