Xaval Academy •, in February and March it was seen at Philadelphia, and during thq

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also an etiological relation to fatty degeneration of the heart.

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within thirty hours of isolation the great majority of the

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Dissolve the soap in the rose-water, melt the two other ingredients,

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until February 5th, when eserine (gr. iij. to |j.) was


' Medical and Surgical Reporter, December 15, 1883.

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scribed nodule which gradually turns red and softens. It

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Xaval Academy •, in February and March it was seen at Philadelphia, and during thq

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insomnia. The disadvantages of the drug are that its

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The experience in the rooms of the Dispensary is the

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But we cannot agree with him, v/hen he asserts, that ulcerations

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many cases, for instance, pure water leaks from one

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2 P. M. only 2 drops had escaped from the right ureter. The dog

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lated from the German (by the author's permission) with an ap-

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vented incurable patients from being continually tormented

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2 oz. per week, that is about the same amount as given by Hess and

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many bright intellects have already applied themselves

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tive infrequency of the severe and obstinate diarrhoea amongst my enteric

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NotliiiKliaiii (J.) Cancer of the eyeball, extirpation of

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give the patient food, since it will not be adequately digested.

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been possible only as appropriations have been made by Congress to

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The President then announced the following committees for

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Medicine, College Physicians and Surgeons. Vol. II.

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disorder of the male sexual organism is accompanied by

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11. Your committee feel obliged to reiterate their statement in their report of last year,