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filter to the passage of pigment. There is a wide variation of this

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but by its extension may involve these. The case above described is

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and Peabody 2 compared the different methods of obtaining alveolar air

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modes — a patch of atheromatous swelling or of calcareous substance

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ess of opening the semilunar valves against pressure is therefore

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the other region had two similar electrodes connected with the second

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In this case it appeared to me that the fibroid changes in the

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tion are so minute as to create a very small amount of antibody each

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Of the 199 pellagrins who escaped recurrence during the second

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Medicinal treatment may have as its object either the cure or

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the extract is prolonged emaciation may follow. In addition to

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rounded by zones of connective tissue increase. Some of the larger of these

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equal to an annual death-rate of 1-94 to every 10,000 living, or less

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the force of respiration. The venous pulse is everywhere distinctly

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definite record in the second year and with recurrence in the third year ;

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that a new and important factor enters into the reaction, namely, the

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For the relief of anaemia nothing takes the place of rest. It is

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4. It should be noted that the only case of pellagra known to have

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Case 9. — A girl, aged 16, died from septic cerebral thrombophlebitis (pneu-

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pointed out, a pulsation is to be felt — there is a reflux pulse from an

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child has completed its 2d year does the curve rise again. This is then

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these four cases demonstrates the fact that the superficial sensibilities

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siderable variety of stains to sections of the lesions described, but have

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based. The autopsy confirmed the diagnosis in every respect. In

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Each lobe is removed separately and transferred to a sterilized glass

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lost strength rapidly and died in 1910. There were no children. Pellagrin 124,

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terms atrophy or hypertrophy. Still there is no reason why in the near

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Marriott, W. McKim : Phosphate retention as a factor in the production

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tened with a warm solution of salt in water and placed on the back

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patients on a diet practically free from carbohydrates, and in each case

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having more than the average and also for those having less than the average,

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Psoriasis does not very often affect several brothers and sisters, but

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muscular overstrain alone. The cause, however, which operates in

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sensations, and the pulse was regular and much slower. The systolic blood pres-

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