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study of homoeopathy, and ultimately became a staunch adherent
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with an energy and disinterestedness which entitle him to
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After these phenomena have existed for an indefinite period, changes
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of war but are disposed of as provided in Article 12 of the Geneva
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the headache, which the patient (a physician) thought
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Macalister, of Cambridge, that he should visit my department of anatomy and
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Esophoria, or a tendency of the visual axes inward; exo-
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due in all probability to temporary dilatation, and so
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nerally consequent on cancer of some other part, especially
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Fig. 28. — Severe flat-foot; the foot is broken at the medio-tarsal joint and the halves ro-
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flat feet with short toes. He stood stw op-shouldered, with head thrown forward ;
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important, but it must not be forgotten that a series of convulsions
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rule the individual hairs will be found sooner or later to be affected
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this may be more or less permanent, or may come on at intervals. Three
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use of stimulants have not entered into the treatment of the disease.
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comatose, and presents the phenomena of cerebral irritation and compression.
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with plague autopsies is the bubo, of which over 50 per cent,
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mingling of the sewage and water may be relatively just as important
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