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three, p. m. The headache was very bad : the fever continued, more

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rence of slightly diminished percussion resonance in one apex, with

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ticular capsule, and the tunica hyaloideia. These tunics are

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increasing rapidly in size; (2) when the patient is suffering from pain,

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change. This process is perhaps most marked in the center of the lobule ;

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exposed t<> laceration when the Large trephine is employed.

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Dr. J. A. Capps: The paper is a timely one; important because some

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intestines toward the median line, and down into the pel-


use till a late period of the affection. I saw him die in con-

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ment, because the lymphatic system is particularly affected by that species

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congestion is indicated, along with other symptomatic phenomena, by the escape of a certain

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senior medical school students at the University of Wis-

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recently published, which were carried out by Aberhalden

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potassium, the vesicles occur in hundreds on the forearms, hands, face,

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strictly localised nlles in the upper part of the chest, we can be

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patches with silver nitrate solution from time to time.

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by the decompression. These cases show that the vision of many

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lescence from acute disorders. The aromatics are more

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Morse of Harvard has collected and published thirty cases of these two

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The miliary form of tuberculosis of the skin which Kaposi has recently

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neither rival nor superior. From the outset the Professor's

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The sign to which we attach greatest importance in the

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the county another physician and myself have inoculated more than