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the nucleus. He, therefore, prefers another form (Fig. H),

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er we are to acquire our principles of reasoning and of practice. What

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24. Zweifach, B. W., Hershey, S. G., Rovenstine, E. A.,

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The spasmodic movements are sudden, and each is of very short

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and sometimes the nerves. As I say, I have never lost a case, therefore

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square, and passing to other portions of the thorax. 3. Guai-

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5. It has occasionally yielded to profuse blood-letting. This procedure is not

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makes the dissections, &c. &c. One or two internes remain

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but ultimately all the vessels are narrowed. The edge of the disc again

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Case V. — Harriet B., colored; small axillary tu-

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tonitis in which tubercular deposit is secondary to the morbid process

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float through the liquid. In the second dilution, there is a

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time the symptoms of atropine poisoning had been so

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them for two or three days. It would be an easy inference that

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the uterus by way of the vagina. The usefulness of this

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anything like general dissatisfaction in any one class of the

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person may make even an experienced surgeon feel squeamish, but

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form, two or three times daily, applied with a camel's hair

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from 24-48 hours before use. Cultures and plates were held in the incubator

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it increases the irritability of the spinal cord, it does not materially affect the fiinctions

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fish-bone, see ' Med. Times and Gaz.' May 12, 1860, p. 667 ; and for cases

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Defects may exist in the septa of greater or less extent, but they

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•Coutains >i gr. of The Yellow Oxide of Mercury and i inflammation and blepharitis.

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two rhombs, one shorter than the other, resembling the images

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strapped on the other side; the two poles are lifted together, and rest

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ment, usually hilarity. Erotism is common; hallucinations rarely occur.

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say, No. No physician who has ever cared for a case of typhoid

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