merely as a polite formality, but sincerely and from my heart.

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S. Maltin, M. D., Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy.

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in passing the estimates the committee is empowered to 'expend that amount of money.

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We have had several cases at the hospital which seemed

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Nor is the duration of the menstrual flow the same in all cases. It

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tered, in doses of one grain every four hours, and gradually carried up

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a number, although none of her own patients have died.

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dehyde having much less effect. Experiments with kittens, rabbits,

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fectious pneumo-enteritis). Dr. D. E. Salmon gives some

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journals represent 47 state medical societies. Each is an

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Causes. — The causes of homicidal monomania are assigned by Esquirol to

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