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lungs. The s])ecilic term antJtracnsis is usually employed in the general

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case of abscess in the lung the breath of the patient has a sweetish

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with manipulation along the spine to relax the contracted fascia and

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face is left ; then desquamation commences. Increase in fever and rise

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lowish color. There is but little change in the medullary portion. The

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the clot is sufficiently absorbed. When the diffused blood disappears,

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2. Caseation. — This is a change which results in the formation of a

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A congestion takes place in the vessels, due to changes

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Necrosis of the superficial areas, because of the arrest of the circula-

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administered, and the patient sustained by rectal alimentation. Astrin-

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lished at the most dependent part of the wound. If the wound is on

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oppression is often experienced in the chest, but pain is rarely present. In

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is neither brown nor dry. There is no great acceleration of the pulse,

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week of the fever. A case of tyiohus fever may terminate, fatally, in which

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kept in an air-tight, thoroughly sterile jar or container made for the

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lence. The symptoms are pain and deformity. If the ribs are raised,

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ingly rare, for the colon is very movable. The symptoms which attend

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F., and then suddenly fall to 102° or 103° F., there to remain, with un-

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effecCe on the akin ; while by ita action on the pom ana muintfl aear^tary TeaaaiB. ni

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posed to either one of these contagions, one will be able to make a diag-

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