percent butterfat, Before cream is distributed. It Is supjected to these processes;

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thirst; but we may possibly lessen the amount of water drunk by prescribing

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manifestations. We believe that we can best attain this end by speaking first

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gery and Obstetrics, Medical Jurisprudence, Clinical Medicine, Clinical

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copy of the invoice, on Slchl^ SntractS 2m iJLfS^^f ^ attacfied to the original

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is situated at the base of the cranium rather than in the brain itself. Tumors

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loss of water by way of the kidneys the patient is obliged to drink great

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lecture: M., Tu., 9:00; laboratory: W., Th., F., 8:00-10:00, Emerson.

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embraces: (1) Definition of Chemical terms; (2) The principal I^on-

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cluding the Boyal Irish University, which will afford direct facilities to students

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dqiloma to the Anatrian Citizenehip : — From a qneiti(» of the medioal profee-

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organs — the breast, the stomach, tbe oesophagus, etc. Sarcoma is the chief

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model ; and diagnostic on the living subject. Candidates may also be

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nitely known. The end-plates of the nerves are restored very early, according

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and onfy exceptionally in the third. Trigeminal neuralgia may also be due to

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bitter. The constipation (see Vol. I, page 610) should be overcome mainly by

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ysms. Different cases differ very much. There are persons who during their

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sions: (a) At the July term preceding their second winter session,

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latory symptoms are quite common; the heart may beat slow or fast, and is

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ataxia after diphtheria (q. v.), and also after typhoid fever, smallpox, septic

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severe cases, delirium, loss of consciousness, tetanic spasms, pulse and respira-

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Medicine, two conrBes pf six months, including Pathology and Medipal

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silver, and is awarded annuaUy, at the same period as the Treasurer's

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examinations are held. Medical Clinical prizes : One of £3 value for

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istry 301, 302, 303; and Physiology 251, 252. Students should plan to take this ex-

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details it is impossible to speak of here, are not infrequently associated cerebral

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branches, as in isolated ptosis. We have seen a rare case in which exposure

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to ^. grMtest aoowi; of vapor |»ss1t>1e in tht smt air at - t&i $^ tiipera^

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Medicine, Obstetrics, Diseases of Children, and Surgeiy; lectures,

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cause atrophy of the optic nerve that vision is much impaired.

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summer — Pathology, £3 3s.; Midwifery, £3 3s.; Forensic Medicine^

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cord, whether the pain be due to a pin prick or to pressure, and all sensations

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Ohlmacher, Joseph Philip, s, Vermilion, S.D. A.B. (U. of South Dakota) J 33; S.B.

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and forty). It occurs sporadically occasionally, but it is also frequently

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secretion ceases, or at least is persistently diminished. The taste is almost