cerebral hemispheres, begiiming anteriorly and on the

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case of uremia with fatal ending, although nothing other than a very

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Ovens of this kind have been used successfully in Borneo

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Therapeutic Use of Normal .Serum is added, and also one

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know that he dwells much on certain morbid appearances

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extensive rather than of deep ulceration. The number of the stools varies

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been operated upon for strangulation some years ago.

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of the uterus. Fearing that, in replacing the uterus, there

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infection. The ratio based upon sex is as 3 to 2 in favor of females.

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synovitis. Physical examination revealed no evidence of tubercular

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it became able to multiply upon ordinary media. The blood microbe had anti-

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red fully into hi- professional labors, and continued them until about

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S. J., 188.5, cxiii, 615.— €urry (G. E.) Erythropsia; re-

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few minutes with bichlorid of mercury solution of the strength of 1 to

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If our hospitals would admit women to learn the art of nursing the sick,

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are inadequate the patient is placed upon a water or

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state of things, the respectability and reputation of

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which on the seventh day amounted to actual mania, this lasting until

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consequently were arrested on the charge of endangering the

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purposely left, as is my custom where these organs are healthy ; for it

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also showed the degree of energy exerted on gastric

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Professor Caird said that cancer of the aj)]ieii(iix was even

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The following is a suitable mixture for an anodyne to be administered

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been so distended as to be mistaken for a distended gall-bladder,

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In a majority of the cases no exciting cause can be discovered. Unlike

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people, it is true, are most tenacious of life, and will re-

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devised and employed with entire satisfaction in about 25

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grippiBj was very striking. The extremities were becoming cold ; the

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You will find every now and then that the paraplegic symptoms,

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examining his present condition. At the age of five

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protect workers in textile factories was realized. In the year 1803

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the chief points of attack. From them, other organs such as the lungs,


physicians should no longer, by refusing to consult

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(Case I) above, with the exception that an infiltration process had

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been calculated on scientific theory, and the phenomena

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B. Draw a coarse thread in blister with a needle, cut thread