prompt nephrectomy. The exciting cause will "be found to be some

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examination and admittance to the doctorate. The faculty in full regalia question him on how

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make a special effort to get rid of the residual urine by volun-

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intersected with lineal elevations, forming a grosser reticulation,

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his experiments was depressed, and solid food introduced, either in

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York City, 1854, surgeon of the Twenty-Seventh Georgia In-

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bladder, using a No. 5 instrument. Can it be done without

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it is important that our patients, in spite of their sickness, should

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has named superior polioencephalitis. The meninges in the interpeduncu-

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the eyeball becomes atrophied by the pressure of the accu-

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free. The amount of urine excreted was 950 cc. On the third

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The Class of 1912 has adhered to the motto, " Little hut Good," and so, though our history is entirely too

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the eyes are injected ; the lips are blue; the breathing is ster-

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But Plehn's remarks on this subject are most interesting, for he

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strength after an attack of the fever. A beautiful memoir of him, by

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had a previous attack, or have suffered from other forms of rheumatic fever

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it ; or it may be absent, the tongue being clean, but often fissured. The

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allies, since they already had in admirable working

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the different parts of the eye, and the laws of their respective refractions,

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Material for instruction is furnished by the Prenatal Clinic in addition to a wealth of cases

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reproductive organs were not naturally developed, nor

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uncommon. It is always worst when the effusion is most considerable,

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came under my notice (Silcock) a careful naked-eye necropsy failed to

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local manifestations, usually in the fauces ; the diph-

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nent slowing of the pulse, though within certain limits and for brief

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or it might have come from the ureter — are suggestive points.