in the bladder for a year, and that the affection was brought
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the thickening mentioned above. Later there is an exudation
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one reported by Dr. Marvin, where the pain was referred to the right
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beneath the scapular It varies at~difterent times antT in different cases in
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ectasis. Later on, this damaged lung falls an easy prey to the invasion
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at 11 o'clock, with 12 grammes of the same phosphorous solution. The
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duces so rapid a disorganization of the blood, that it passes through the
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tient manifested no symptom of difficulty until four
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in the first paragraphs, and these deductions are of value to us in
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by Brongniart, and the classification or arrangement of this
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discharges ; to the secretion from an endo-cervicitis or
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cent civil war many similar instances of dead men and animals
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follicles may sometimes be readily noted and at other times
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Free parasites may be found in the blood of all malarial infections.
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cases. Chronic cases are, as a rule, to be admitted only tem-
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Vital Statistics of Philadelphia for the week ending
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converted into benzoic acid by nitric acid : has a slightly bitter taste ;
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eye, where the course could be watched, the symptoms were almost classical
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surgeons of the New York Hospital some little time since
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The Maryland Oeneral Hospital, belonging to Baltimore
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or imperfect in its transformation. Im- often co-exist without detrimental influence
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through the ulcer above the sphincter, and bring its groove out of the
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that whatever disease was not the result of faith can not be
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reproductive organs were not naturally developed, nor
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(Edematous. In the course of a few days, most of them had become ruptured
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To the question, What is it that causes this impediment to
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in fourteen cases, and of these thirteen recovered ; but
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in her legs, back, and the lower part of her abdomen,
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observation of diseases of the stomach has enabled him
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still greater in a case of rupture of the uterus; and the question
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Here is union, sympathy, and help. Both assist in producing
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added, are' the best stimulants. The effect of sending