responded: 69% stated that patients admitted to teaching


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the children playing about in a state of perfect health.

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characteristics, qualities, virtues, etc., can I hand

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upon as conclusive evidence of the inflammatory nature of the disorder.

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breed disease, but not always, though sometimes, their own

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garments impregnated with this emulsion for several weeks without

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defined by these two methods together, six combinations

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Appointments: Dr. Clement J. McDonald, a physician on CORD deferment while

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vaccines. The cause usually assigned is a lowering of

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gauze deep in between the convolutions of the brain.

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foci which in the course of their development coalesce with those imme-

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excessive or when it is diminished, it is an indication of disease,

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Free parasites may be found in the blood of all malarial infections.

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Treatment. — ^The causal indications require the removal of the

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ing but a liquid diet, and to move the bowels by enema till

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class of tumors. They present an infinite variety ; they present a

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Symptoms. — At first there is a dull sensation familiar to most people

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taking advantage of it. 'I'he student would gain in

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and therefore considerable alimentary disturbance may be associ-

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excite no contraction upon the unaffected side will induce it upon the

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an individual’s behavior to maintain and preserve a

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period of its career, seem to exhibit merely a modification in the intensity

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that the first reported case is that of Gossmann, in 1820. Up to 1899,

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begin with symptoms which suggest meningitis, such as severe head-

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with some effect, but he concludes that this agent if given in 6

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m middle life, others blindness in old age, and others, again, have a prob-

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This arrangement is for the purpose of lengthening or

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but much also depended u|ion its histological character and the

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it would seem but fair to all concerned, to secure the proper treatment,

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Fig. 1. The acromion process, coracoid process, and neck of the right humerus show areas of

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century: carefully examine, analyze, and failure is next to im-

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suddenly and in connection with emotional disturbance.

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persistent. As soon as the patient goes to the hills or to a cool

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bol. [Removal of iron splinters from internal eye by

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935.5 c.c. If the solution is found too weak, it is best to make it too

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of temperature, and a tendency to constipation. It has

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cases are already the subject of advanced laryngeal stenosis when

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Mbinhard Schmidt records the case of a girl, set. 13, who developed