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The ganglia of the "sympathetic" system have been often

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and in four days they showed a rich growth, consisting of the

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Army Intelligence.— ^>>//jVa/i Li»t of Changes in the Sta-

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mode of living fail to relax the bowels, inject warm water

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way, written in Latin, with the English and Irish names of each specimen

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At present the baneful methods of protection are extended to men as well

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bitter and ferruginous tonics are occasionally called for in this class

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The tenderness and spasm of the diseased anus or lower rectum may

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volved the coils of the intestine. At operation, the

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dizziness, and partial loss of consciousness, with usually pleasurable sen-

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blood to the genital organs for several days, and forms then a typical corpus

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many schools are demanding a preliminary course of two years in a

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bination, an excellent example occurred in a patient who was

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ployed. Thorough cleansing of the larynx is of first importance and

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mediately after every attempt to eat. On resting the

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development, so, when left to itself, it will always advance in

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state that the cholera, which had been severe in the up-country

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of the brain, 2 — bronchitis, 1 — cancer, 1 — cliulera infantum, 13— consum|>tion, 13 — convulfioiis, 2 — croup, 2

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we can put in hypodermatically, the better the chances will be for the

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life, the difference being probably due to the fact that submucous products

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reason(s) that he should receive financial support from the Trust. If you are aware of a

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ciency in managing the plane. It has been tried out by many

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gelatine and coagulated serum. Hence, its enzyme differs materi-


worthy were quickly assigned to their place. As a physician he had

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As this subject of home acclimation is one of too much importance to be

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gradation of character, from the teeth of becoming sick, she vomited either five

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like sheep, the maniac by the side of the melancholic, the convalescent

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the relation of pharmacy to medicine. That there is

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form our opinions, from the sober dictates of experience and

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stimulating, soon the depressing influence comes on, the narcotic effect

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